Dark Cherry Red


Made in Canada with a selection of high-quality genuine leather, the Dark Cherry Red large format pouch is ideal for vaporizers, pipes or multiple blunts. The hand picked end-of-production leather hides we use enable us to minimize resource waste. This small quantity of leather we work with brings a dimension of exclusivity to this pouch!

The inner surface of this pouch is made of Perma-B technology. This eco-friendly process is unique in this market. It consists of strengthening the inner surface of each carrying pouch by coating it with a beeswax based natural ingredient compound developed by our company. This technology gives the product its smell proof, durable, and biodegradable qualities, making it so appealing to its users.

- Smell Proof
- Discreet & Elegant
- Size Adjustable
- Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable
- Washable

5.5” wide, adjustable diameter : Max. 1.5"



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