About Us

Hush-Kush Karine Clément Héloise Fortier

Héloïse and Karine, cousins and best friends forever, were compelled to answer the call to adventure by the rise of the cannabis industry and the inspiring clientele which animates it. Fascinated with this phenomenon, it was in 2017, in Montreal, that they decided to join forces, embarked on this colorful experience and founded Hush-Kush, an enterprise specializing in the conception, production and distribution of cannabis accessories. 

It first began with the development of a biodegradable alternative to plastic, the Perma-B technology, made from all-natural ingredients and inspired by a discovery made during a trip to Asia. Characterized by its anti-odor, waterproof and freshness properties, the Perma-B technology was what they needed to go into the production of specialized and refined packaging for cannabis. 

The two founders spent months researching and developing the production of this material, its appearance, and functionality to create the ideal product with a unique touch for the consumer.

Hush-Kush offers a stylish experience to users by combining aesthetics, optimization, discretion, plus a sensibility to the environment. It is with passion and months of refinement that, on April 20, 2018, Hush-Kush entered the market.