How can I wash my Hush-Kush Pouch?   

Hand wash your Hush-Kush Pouch by simply rinsing it in lukewarm running water.  Rub it lightly with your hand or use a soft cloth.  Avoid soap detergent containing alcohol. Opt instead for biodegradable soap without alcohol, it is gentler.

What is the life expectancy of my Hush-Kush Pouch?

If used daily, your Hush-Kush pouch should retain all its characteristics for well over a year. You will then need to assess whether it is time for you two to part ways and acquire a new Hush-Kush Pouch.

My Hush-Kush pouch has folds, is this normal?

Yes, it is totally normal. Because the pouch is made with all-natural ingredients, folds will appear over time. This will help give its unique character! 

Should I pay attention to the heat?

Yes. Avoid temperature extremes. Temperatures over 122ºF (50ºC) can endanger the Hush-Kush. Also prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Leaving it in your car on a very hot day is not recommended. If you use your pouch to store your half-smoked joints, make sure to let them cool down before storing them.

Is the pouch vegan?

The only animal product used in the production of the Hush-Kush pouch is beeswax. It is used for the lining and comes from local beekeepers who understand the role that bees play in the global ecosystem. They protect and respect bees as they should.


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